Mckenzie services

Our group offers a complete range of Building Surveying and compliance risk management, consulting services, building certification and accessibility services across Australia.

All of the services offered by the group have been developed with a clear focus on achieving your objectives and the provision of a consistent integrated approach to your projects nationally.

The following primary services are offered by the group:

  • Building Codes Consulting and Certification
  • Accessibility Consulting
  • Compliance Management

Building Code Consulting

We provide specialist advice on the interpretation and application of the NCC Building Code of Australia (BCA) as well as State Building Legislation and all other associated legislation, including the Commonwealth Anti–Discrimination Act.

Key Services

  • Specialist advice on the interpretation and application of:
    a. Building Code of Australia
    b. Australian Building Standards
    c. Australian State Legislation
  • Specialist advice on the application of the performance provisions of the Building Code of Australia including the management and co-ordination of the approval of alternative performance based design solutions.
  • Specialist advice on the application of relevant non-building code referenced standards including the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • Undertake third party review of performance based alternative design solutions.

Building Certification and Approvals

We provide approval /certification and statutory approval services across Australia.
Our integrated approach allowed the management and incorporation of related compliance issues into the project compliance strategy including compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act as well as the consideration of insurance, asset protection and life cycle costing issues.

Services for Existing Buildings

These services are focused on mitigation of risk associated with the compliance of existing buildings and can be integrated to include occupational health and safety, disabled access and other related compliance areas.

The services are offered nationally and provide a nationally consistent approach to compliance risk management.

The services offered by the group are summarised as follows;

Due diligence reporting for building owners and prospective purchases detailing significant risk and compliance issues and the provision of recommendations to achieve compliance.
Advice on compliance with essential services maintenance legislation, including the review of existing building maintenance regimes and provision of recommendations to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and risk minimisation.

Compliance inspections of existing buildings including the identification of key areas of compliance risk and  the provision of recommendations for works to achieve compliance and mitigate the risks identified.


We provide specialised advice to assist our clients in achieving safe, functional and compliant outcomes that address the provision of the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act, Access to previous Standards including Federal and State board Transport standards.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management is the provision of ongoing inspection, testing and certification services to ensure compliance is maintained through the operational life of a building or facility. This expands on our core services of building surveying and access consulting through construction of a project to provide a complete compliance and risk management service to our clients.