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Legislation and Technical Update

There will be significant changes made to the NCC in 2019. The following key dates are below:
Preview released                                                February 2019
NCC 2019 adopted                                             1 May 2019
Energy efficiency transition ends                   1 May 2020
Fire Safety Verification Methods adopted    1 May 2020More information to come.

BCA 2019
  • BCA 2019 is adopted as of the 1st of May 2019
  • Section J of the BCA has a 12 month transitional period for adoption
As you may well be aware the following Certificates of Conformity have recently been withdrawn by the relevant Certification Body:
  • CM40029 – Ozone Panel Building Systems
  • CM40066 – Alpolic A2
  • CM40067 – Alpolic FR
  • CM40076 – Ultrabond FR
  • CM40079 – Vitrabond FR
  • CM40082 – Dulux Exsulite TM Kooltherm Façade System
  • CM40093 – Larson FR
  • CM40138 – Dulux Exsulite TM Thermal Façade non-cavity system
  • CM40162 – Cladex FR
If you have a project with McKenzie Group and one of the above products has been specified please contact the relevant McKenzie Group office immediately. Note that this includes projects that are under construction where the above products may have had a valid Certificate of Conformity at approval stage.