Industry Watch: Professional Indemnity Insurance Response

Professional Indemnity Insurance Response

2 July 2019

While McKenzie Group has Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance policy coverage and protection in place and isn’t impacted by the current cladding exclusions issues, as leaders in our sector, we will continue to push for the much-needed reforms to address the current skewed liability burden on Accredited Certifiers.

The flow-on impact of the current state of the insurance market has a broader negative impact on not only certifiers, but also architects, builders and developers, all of whom face significant increases in insurance costs.

These changes are essential for both the longevity and sustainability of building code compliance. We welcome the NSW Government’s recent decision to temporarily accept PI insurance policies with cladding exclusions but much, much more needs to change, both in NSW and across Australia. We need government to provide a liability cap and underwriting on a national basis.

McKenzie Group is working closely with our governing bodies including AIBS as well as AAC to campaign for government intervention and accountability in resolving this critical matter for the benefits of the building sector and for consumers.

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