Commencing the 1 July 2019, there will be changes to the way in which the building permit levy is paid to the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), with Building Surveyors required to obtain a building permit number (BPN) from the VBA before issuing a building permit.

Building Activity Management System (BAMS)

To assist with the new process the VBA are launching a new online system called the Building Activity Management System (BAMS). The VBA will only issue a BPN when all mandatory fields have been completed as part of the BPN application and the building permit levy has been paid.

Applying for a building permit number from the VBA

The relevant building surveyor will apply to the VBA for a building permit number (BPN). Applications for a BPN are required to be submitted per stage building permit. Each stage will require a new BPN, which means that payment will be required for each stage instead of upfront for the whole project.

Levy Payment

Once the BPN application has been submitted to the VBA, the nominated levy payer (either the owner or the agent of owner) will receive a link via BAMS to pay either by credit card or BPAY.

Receive building permit number from VBA

Once the levy payment has been received by the VBA a BPN will be issued, the VBA can take up to 5 days to issue this. The BPN will be sent to both the Building Surveyor and the levy payer. Receiving the BPN does not mean the building permit is issued.

Issuing of a building permit

Building Surveyors will need to be provided with all required information (as per current process) to enable the issue of the building permit. All building permits issued from 1 July 2019 must adhere with the new BAMS process.

Further information can be found on the VBA website or contact McKenzie Group Consulting on 03 9247 0400